Deep Six
Our mission was to seize control of a planted that has yet to discovered by humans during orbit, we found these intriguing space rock candies, these space rocks, which emulate human fruits of blueberry and grapes, it will be effortless to lure more humans for capture.

Spaced Out
Made from the finest abducted humans we could find.  This lemon poundcake with lemon meringue fluff has our superior species in an uproar, clamoring for more.

Dark Star
We like to treat our hostages with a meal of gooey cinnamon buns, this entree is also sprinkled with a frosted oatmeal cookie crumble for pleasure, this will make the human hostages feel comfortable and feel more at ease... they will not expect the unimaginable terrors that await them.

The fruits harbored by the planet earth are effecting us in a very beneficial ways, our prized human slave concocted a blend of earth fruits consisting of raspberry, tangerine, & lemonade, topped off with a dizzying watermelon rum, this invention of earths fruits has us feeling... exceptional

Before we pursue our journey of encroachment of human's will, we will like fuel our bodies with meals of delicious rich vanilla custard doused with sugar cookie crumbles.  This gives us the energy and drive we need to hijack any of the planets in the universe.

The final mission was to find more neutrino fuel for our ship.  We scavenged the entire planet earth to find that liquified orange tangerine infused with candied creamsicle, seemed to work well with our spacecraft... don't ask us why.

30 ML $15 OR 2 FOR $24