AMAIZEBALLS  The light and sweet taste of this puffed corn cereal is a treat that you can still enjoy today and not feel guilty about reliving the glory days.  Add to it the milky overtones and you’ve got yourself a sweet puffed delight!

BLUE HARVEST  A sweet, summery blend of watermelons and blueberries crushed in a refreshing lemonade to delight and tingle the senses

BOOMSLANG  It’s a dangerous blend of tart apple, with a fruit berry concoction that will take a bite outta your taste receptors!

 BUTTERY NUTS  Buttery Nuts e-liquid is a delightful balance of roasted pecans, butter and vanilla. Incredible nutty dessert flavor!

CHERRY LIMEADE  Skip the drive-thru because we bottled Cherry Limeade for you! It’s a tangy and sweet combination of freshly squeezed lime and ripe cherries with lemon-lime soda for an extra fizzy finish.

DOUBLE RAINBOW  This flavorful fruit candy is a fan favorite. Taste the double rainbow all the way across the sky!

DRAGON JUICE  A sweet and smooth fruity blend, Dragon Juice e-liquid is full of tart citrus and sweet tropical notes throughout.

DROP  This strawberry dragonfruit drips from your tank like fresh fruit juice.  Tropical flavors collide heavily with Drop. 

FLINT STONED  When your favorite childhood cereal and ice cream collide, you get the best of both worlds! This amazing blend of fruity, crispy cereal combined with vanilla ice cream will make your mouth sing!

FRUIT BOMB  Bursting with flavor enjoy the likes of raspberry, pineapple, strawberry and mango, all wrapped up into one fruitastic ejuice.

FRUIT HOOPS  A blend of hoops and fruit floating in a bowl of creamy milk

 HANNIBAL NECTOR  Fruits from the most secret of tropical isles make this flavor savory, as sweet and as succulent as the ripest peaches, oranges, melons and berries that make up this phenomenal flavor.

GRAPE VAPE  Looking for a great vape?  Try Grape Vape!  Inspired by well(ch's) know grape juice, this is a sweet and slightly tart eliquid. 

IT’S SO FLUFFY  A sugary sweet cotton candy e-liquid that is sure to delight!

JUICE SPRINGSTEEN  A tangy orange & sweet peach smoothie, with creamy vanilla undertones that will have you seeing red, white & blue and dreaming of the glory days

KICKSTART MY TART  Heavenly taste of juicy cherries in a warm tart turnover.  The crust and fruit flavor has just a hint of creme in it to round off this delicious pastry.  

KING CAKE Feel like a true king of New Orleans while vaping this magnificent cinnamon treat.

MILK AND BERRIES  This cereal flavor features sweet berries and creamy milk just like the Captain ordered.

 MURICA  A blast of refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries.

ON CLOUD CUSTARD  A custard that will truly keep you on cloud nine!

PINKLE TWINKLE  It is a burst of candy fruit goodness! You won‘t have to go through the bag to find the pink candies you love, because we bottled it!

PINA COLADA  Refreshing coconut & pineapple blend

RAZZLEBERRY  An amazing fruity duo of raspberries and blackberries that you’ll want to vape all day long! Razzleberry is one of our favorite fruity e-liquids at Vape Wild.

SMURF CAKE  Cheesecake, blueberries and blue clouds!

SOUR DOUBLE RAINBOW  This flavorful and sour fruit candy is a fan favorite. Taste the double rainbow all the way across the sky!

STARDUST  We took summer’s favorite fruits and melded them with the sweet crunch of cucumbers and shot ourselves to the stars above.  The lightest, fruitiest potion to date with enough muddled fruit blended in to make your mouth fairly water.

TIGER’S BLOOD  Tiger’s Blood is an amazing sweet-tart strawberry and juicy watermelon with hints of coconut spread throughout.

WATERMELON SUNSHINE Just like the little chewy candies, you won’t want to put this down! A sweet and fruity e-liquid that is perfect all day long.


30 ML